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Human Resources | Workers Compensation


Reporting Injury

You should report to your employer any occupational disease or personal injury that is work-related, even if you deem it to be minor.

Occupational Disease or Death

In case of an occupational disease, all claims are barred unless the employee files a claim with his or her employer within one year of the date that:

  1. The disease manifests itself.
  2. The employee is disabled as a result of the disease.
  3. The employee knows or has reasonable grounds to believe that the disease is occupationally related.

Filing Notice

In case of injury or death caused by a work-related accident, an injured employee or any person claiming to be entitled to compensation either as a claimant or as a representative of a person claiming to be entitled to compensation, must give notice to the employer within 30 days of the injury. If the notice is not given within 30 days, no payments will be made for such injury or death.


In the event you are injured, you are entitled to select a physician of your choice for treatment. The employer may choose another physician and arrange an examination which you would be required to attend.

Formal Claim

In order to preserve your rights to benefits under the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Law, you must file a formal claim with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration within one year after the accident if payments have not been made or within one year after the last payment of weekly benefits.


Employee Incident/Accident Form

Employees are to use this form by completing page 1 to report their incident/injury.  Once completed, the form should be given to their supervisor, who will complete page 2.  This form should be given to the Office of Human Resources within 24 hours of the injury/incident.  In the event of a life-threatening event, the form can be completed once the employee has received the required medical care.

Employees with questions or concerns related to Workers’ Compensation, may contact the Office of Human Resources at:


Office of Human Resources

Bernette Taylor, Director

6400 Press Dr.
New Orleans, LA 70126

Phone Number: 504-286-5273