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Faculty and Staff Directory



AHSS = Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
BAB = Bashful Administration Building
CBA = College of Business & Public Administration
CEHD = College of Education and Human Development
CC = Conference Center
HPE = Health & Physical Education Building
HOUS = Housing / Residential Life
ITC = Information Technology Center
LCMC = Lake Campus Multipurpose Complex
LIB = Leonard S. Washington Memorial Library
MB = Maintenance Building
MCSSWB = Millie M. Charles School of Social Work Building
NATSCI = Natural Sciences Building
SBI = Small Business Incubator Building
= University Center


Photo Name Title Location Email Phone
Abdul-Salaam, Connie Abdul-Salaam, Connie, M.A. Assistant Professor AHSS 342 n/a n/a
Adams, Bruce, M.S. Chief of Police MB 504-284-5432
Adegboye, David S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology NATSCI 373 504-286-5097
Aldridge, Precious Ph.D. Associate Vice-Chancellor, Student Affairs UNVC 504-286-5043
Alexander, Camille Administrative Specialist/Supervisor/Budget Manager, Social Work NATSCI 212 504-284-5453
Alijani, David, Ph.D. Professor and Chair of Computer Information Systems CBA 110 504-286-5142
Altamirano, Marco Ajunct Instructor AHSS

Amedee, George, Ph.D. Emmett Bashful Endowed Chair and Professor, Political Science AHSS 366 504-286-5392
Dr. James H.  Ammons, Jr. Ammons Jr., James H., Ph.D.


BAB 300 504-286-5311
Dr. Kimberly Andrews Andrews, Kimberly R., Ph.D. Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness and Student Success BAB 137 504-286-5326
Atteia, Bashir, Ph.D. Atteia, Bashir, Ph.D. Professor of Biology NATSCI 364 504-284-5405
Karla Ayala Ayala, Karla Library Specialist, Library LIB 504-286-5385
Azzarello, Robert Azzarello, Robert, Ph.D. Associate Professor and English Program Coordinator AHSS 338 504-286-5060
Bachus, Sherry, Ph. D. Child Development and Family Studies Chair/Director and AAFCS Accreditation Coordinator LCMC 318 504-286-5334
Bailey, Timotea, M.A. Director of Student Services, College of Business and Public Administration CBA 214 504-286-5193
Ballard, Jairus MHI, RHIA, CLT, CTR  HIMS Program Director/Assistant Professor    New Science Building, Room 261 (504) 286-5083 
Barrilleaux, John, MME, RHIA APAR Coordinator/Assistant Professor  New Science Building, Room 262 (504) 286-5095
Beaulieu, Cynthia K., B.A. Director, Small Business Development and Management Institute SBI 151 504-286-5032
Beaulieu, Samantha Beaulieu, Samantha, M.B.A. Retention Counselor, Department of Natural Sciences NATSCI 464 504-284-5493
Dr. Rachid Belmasrour Belmasrour, Rachid, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics NATSCI 466 504-286-5116
Bilbo, Erica Transcript Clerk, Registrar’s Office and Student Records BAB 212 504-286-5178
 Bocage, David  
Assistant Director/Academic Coach
Bonneé III, Peter Bonneé III, Peter Chief Information Officer ITC 214 504-286-5038
Bordenave, Diane, Ed.D. Assessment Coordinator / Associate Professor, Child Development and Family Studies LCMC 325A 504-286-5204
Briggs, Charles, Ph.D. Chair of Business Administration, Associate Professor, Business Administration CBA 209 504-286-5173
Brown, Ria Administrative Assistant III CBA 109 504-286-5141
Cains, Deborah, Ph.D. English Instructor AHSS 335 n/a
Cantrell, Harry

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Pre-Law Advisor ‚Äč

AHSS 363  504-286-5540 
Carson, Celina P., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Child Development and Family Studies, Institutional Accreditation Liaison for SACS-COC LCMC 327 504-286-5042
Chaisson, Rebecca, Ph.D., LCSW Dean of Social Work / Associate Professor MCSSWB 207 504-286-5378
Clement, Christian, Ph.D. Clement, Christian, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology NATSCI 365 504-284-5406
Coleman Jr., Joseph, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Psychology AHSS 364 504-286-5372
Sheridan X. Cooper Cooper, Sheridan X. Coordinator of Community Service Learning, Student Development Center / Title III Program MCSSWB 254 504-286-5362
Craft, Gwendolyn
Operational Officer, Purchasing
Darby, Deborah, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Elementary Education LCMC 312 504-286-5041
Dr. Raymond Delaney Delaney, Raymond M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice AHSS 357 504-286-5367
Dickerson, Troy L. Dickerson, Troy L. Adjunct Professor, Forensic Science NATSCI n/a
Dorsey, Kevin Men’s Assistant Basketball Coach      
Douresseaux, Laura, MSHCM, CHPS, RHIA Assistant Professor / Clinical Coordinator, Health Information Management Systems LCMC 504-286-5091
Marguerite Doyle-Johnston Doyle-Johnston, Marguerite Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs BAB 158 504-286-5381
Aimane Ederouich Ederouich, Aimane Data Scientist, Institutional Research Staff n/a n/a
Eid, Haitham, Ph.D. Director / Associate Professor, Museum Studies AHSS 215 504-286-5010
Ekaidi, Ibrahim, M.D. Ekaidi, Ibrahim, M.D. Professor of Biology NATSCI 366 504-286-5110
Elaasar, Mostafa, Ph.D. Professor of Physics NATSCI 273 504-286-5036
Etienne, Aretha Etienne, Aretha, BSEE, MCIS, MACJ Database Analyst, Information Technology Center ITC 2nd Floor 504-286-5259
Eweni, Samuel, Ph.D. Associate Professor / Developer, Computer Information Systems CBA 504-286-5268
Falik, Adam, M.F.A. Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences AHSS 325 504-286-5152
Faulkner-Parker, Tina Faulkner-Parker, Tina IT Security Administrator/Trainer, Information Technology Center/Title III Programs ITC 2nd Floor 504-284-5545
Fields, Raven Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach      
Dr. Gregory Ford Ford, Gregory, Ph.D.

Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

BAB 158 504-286-5381
Dr. Kenneth Foy Foy, Kenneth, D.Min. Assistant Professor, Psychology AHSS 354 504-286-5372
Frederick, Linda D., M.A. Director, Student Support Services LCMC 218 504-286-5106
Freeman, Derrick, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Social Work NATSCI 203C 504-286-5079
Gaillard, Laurie Coordinator of Technical Services / Assistant Professor  LIB 504-286-5364
Garrett, LaCharlotte, M.B.A. Director, Financial Aid BAB 164 504-284-5435
Gethers, Shelina A., B.S. Administrative Assistant IV, College of Business & Public Administration CBA 211 504-286-5141
Gibson, Alonda Payroll Accountant 2, Comptroller's Office BAB First Floor 504-286-5021
Dr. Darren Gil Gil, Darren, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice AHSS 360 504-284-5540
Abigail R. Glapion  Simulation Lab Coordinator  
Grady,Angel-DNP, RN-BC Assistant Professor, NURS  504-286-5025
Green, William Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director/ Men’s Assistant Coach  
Heath, Panagiota "Penney", Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics NATSCI 169 504-286-5149
Hegwood, Jenita C., Ed.D. Assistant Professor, Elementary Education, Director, Student Teaching / Field Experience LCMC 339 504-286-5353
  Krystal Howard Henry  Part-time Faculty  
Hicks, Wanda Administrative Assistant IV, College of Arts and Sciences AHSS 115 504-286-5449
Hilton, Adriel A., Ph.D Hilton, Adriel A., Ph.D. Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management BAB 305 504-286-5040
Hollis, Sara, D.A.H. Professor, Museum Studies AHSS 212 504-284-5511
Holmes, Darlene Holmes, Darlene Administrative Assistant III, Center for African and African American Studies AHSS 210 504-286-5006
Jack Jr., Lenus Jack Jr., Lenus, Ph.D. Associate Professor, History AHSS 343 504-286-5157
Jackson, Brenda L., Ph.D Jackson, Brenda L., Ph.D. Vice-Chancellor for Research and Strategic Initiatives / Executive Director of Title III Programs, Title III Programs BAB 215 504-286-5274
James, Derrick Director of Facilities / Safety and Transportation MB 101B 504-286-5295
Jenkins, Safia Jenkins, Safia, M.S. Learning Outcomes Assessment Coordinator, Center for Planning, Research, and Evaluation (Institutional Effectiveness) BAB 126 504-286-5101
Johnson, Carl P., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry and Chair NATSCI 462 504-284-5461
Johnson, Juliette B. Executive Assistant to the Chancellor BAB 302 504-286-5311
Johnson, Keshaneoco H., MSW, CSW Director of Veterans Affairs, 

Office of Veteran Affairs

UC 207 504-286-5391
Jones, Warren, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Philosophy AHSS 347 504-286-5186
Jones III, Willie, Ed.D. Jones III, Willie, Ed.D. Dean, College of Education and Human Development, NCATE-CAPE Coordinator for Accreditation, Reaffirmation and Review of Academic Programs, and Co-Director of the Center for Certification and Teacher Quality LCMC 320 504-284-5520
Kambhampati,  Murty, Ph.D Kambhampati,  Murty, Ph.D Professor of Biology NATSCI 363 504-286-5069
Kim, Dr. Heon Associate Professor of Mathematics NATSCI 170 504-286-5146
Kwun, Obyung Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems CBA 204 504-286-5137
Lee, Brenda Admin Assistant 5, Chancellor's Office BAB


Lee, Reashell L. Lee, Reashell L. Program Analyst, Improving Student and Campus-Wide Access and Technology Effectiveness and Upgrading the Banner Application ITC 2nd Floor 504-286-5183
Cheryl Legohn-Tubbs Academic Coach/Instructor -Student Support Service  MODB 220

Lewis, Alex Lewis, Alex Adjunct Professor, Forensic Science n/a n/a
Lewis, Christopher Library Specialist LIBR 504-286-5332
Dr. Deneen Lewis Lewis, Dr. Deneen Director, Interdisciplinary Studies Program and Enhancement of the General Studies Program AHSS 316 504-284-5412

Destiny P. Lewis

 Administrative Assistant  504-286-5024
Marinov, Dr. Tchavdar Professor of Mathematics NATSCI 171 504-286-5145
Marshall, Dr. Douglas, PHD Assistant Professor, Communication AHSS 324 504-286-5013
Dr. Karen Martin Martin, Karen, Ph.D., LMSW Assistant Professor, Social Work MCSSWB 227 504-286-5053
Manuel, Marilyn
Purchasing Director, Purchasing Dept. BASH 504-286-5020
Martin, Michelle Administrative Assistant, HIMS New Science Building, Room 260 504-286-5099
Matthews III, James A.

Director of Athletics, Head Men's Basketball Coach

HPE 209 504-286-5194
Sharon McGee McGee, Sharon, MS, RHIA

Clinical Coordinator/Assistant Professor

New Science Building, Room 264 504-286-5098
Mckenney, Holly Adjunct Professor n/a n/a n/a
Mills, Dr. Chester Associate Professor, English AHSS 337 504-286-5124
Mims-Devezin, Lisa, Ph.D Mims-Devezin, Lisa, Ph.D Professor of Biology, Former Chancellor NATSCI 261 504-286-5064
Montegut, Claude Assistant Professor, Social Work NATSCI 210B 504-286-5058
Morgan, Damekia, D.S.W. Assistant Professor, Social Work MCSSWB 228 504-286-5077
Mosby-Wilson, Shatiqua Director, University Library and Enhancing Library Academic Research and Services LIB 331 504-286-5225
Murray, Jill E. Associate Professor, Social Work NATSCI 213B 504-286-5373
Noble, Nyla Ceaser Counselor, Interdisciplinary Studies AHSS 315 504-286-5105
Oaks, Gary, M.F.A. Assistant Professor, Fine Arts AHSS 330 504-286-5208
Obih, John-Clifford A., Ph.D Obih, John-Clifford A., Ph.D Assistant Professor of Biology NATSCI 367 504-286-5068
Odynocki, Dr. Boris Associate Professor, Sociology AHSS 356 504-286-5158
Ojo, Ashley Phd. Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Psychology Department AHSS 355 504-286-5078
Okpechi, Simeon Associate Professor, Accounting CBA 106 504-286-5305
Olubadewo, Joseph, Ph.D Olubadewo, Joseph, Ph.D Professor of Biology NATSCI 368 504-286-5109
Omojola, Dr. Joe Professor of Mathematics and Physics, James and Ruth Smith Endowed Professor of Science NATSCI 458 504-286-5096
Paige,Kimberly MRC, LRC, PLPC, CRC Director of Counseling Center & University Counselor   University Center, 2nd Floor 504 286 - 5127
Payne, DeOrin University Webmaster BASH 504-286-5416
Phillips, Morkeith Academic Advisor / Intervention Specialist LCMC 223 504-286-5286
Poudel, Krishna Assistant Professor, Business n/a n/a n/a
Cynthia Ramirez Ramirez, Cynthia Professor, Fine Arts AHSS 328 504-286-5207
Richter, Mary "Polly" Administrative Assistant III, Natural Sciences NATSCI 360 504-286-5245
Darryl S. Roberts Ph.D Roberts, Darryl S., Ph.D  Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice AHSS 358 504-284-5401
Robertson, Jr., Ben Assistant Professor, Social Work NATSCI 211C 504-286-5056
Robertson, Clyde, Ph.D Director, Center for African and African American Studies AHSS 208 504-286-5006
Robertson, Patricia Assistant Professor, College of Business & Public Administration CBA 112 504-286-5333
Rose, Tonya Dean, College of Education EDCU  504-284-5520
Cynthia Roussel Roussel, Cynthia Budget Manager and Post Award Administrator, Project Administration and Enhancing the Administrative Management and Campus-Wide Technology Infrastructure BAB 215 504-286-5236
Rugon, Kim E., Ph.D  Vice-Chancellor, Institutional Advancement BAB 309 504-286-5342
Russell, Harry Associate Professor, Social Work NATSCI 211A 504-286-5073
Sanders, Torin T. Assistant Professor, Social Work NATSCI 210A 504-286-5055
Scott, Dr. Franklyn Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice AHSS 353 504-284-5464
Sentino, Patrice Assistant Professor, Social Work NATSCI 203 504-284-5469
Simien, Andrea E. Simien, Andrea E. Director, Institutional Research Staff n/a 504-286-5244
Singleton, Cartina Data Processing / Communication Specialist BAB 504-286-5235
Singleton, Dr. Cynthia Professor of Mathematics NATSCI 162 504-284-5479
Sisay, Dr. Nebiat Associate Professor of Chemistry NATSCI 473 504-286-5309
Smith, Destinie S., M.S. Head Women's Basketball Coach HPE 203 n/a
Kelly D. Smith, DNP, APRN, PHCNS-BC, CNE

Smith, Kelly D.,  DNP, APRN, PHCNS-BC, CNE

Chair/Associate Professor, BSN Nursing

NATSCI 273 504-286-5023
Marie P. Smith, M.S. Smith, Marie P. M.S. Accounting Specialist/Instructor, Center for Comprehensive Communication CBA 215 504-286-5139
Tina Smith Smith, Tina Retention Counselor, Center for Academic Retention, and Educational Success (CARES) NATSCI 210C 504-284-5557
Smith-Ross, Camacia Chief Of Staff Admin 302A 504-286-5311
Stanley, Kimberly Stanley, Kimberly Assistant Professor/ Clinical and Field Experience Coordinator CEHD 252 504-286-5044
Stemmons, Warren Network Administrator, Information Technology Center ITC 2nd Floor 504-286-5228
Taplin, Vonda Administrative Assistant IV, Institutional Advancement BAB 312 504-286-5341
Tate, Dr. Anderson Professor, Spanish AHSS 333 504-286-5035
Thompson, Meiko, Ph.D Thompson, Meiko, Ph.D Associate Professor, Forensic Science NATSCI 373 504-286-5307
Tietzel, Illya, Ph.D. Tietzel, Illya, Ph.D. Professor of Biology NATSCI 369 504-286-5111
Torregano, Dr. Michael Instuctor AHSS 346 504-286-5045
Dr. Igwe Udeh Udeh, Igwe Dean, College of Business and Public Administration, Alvin James Lawson Endowed Professor of Business and Co-Director of Accreditation, Reaffirmation and Review of Academic Programs CBA 212 504-286-5330
Ukpolo, Victor Former Chancellor/Professor CBA 504-286-5311
Venable, Cindy E-Learning ITC 1st Floor 504-286-5166
Washington, Karen M., M.S.W., C.S.W. Administrative Assistant,

Interdisciplinary Studies Program

AHSS 317 504-286-5150
White, Frederick Lab/Network Technician, Improving Student and CampusWide Access and Technology Effectiveness and Upgrading the Banner Application NATSCI 208 504-286-5138
Williams, Joe Mobile Equipment Maintenance Mechanic n/a n/a n/a
Williams, Lorene Custodian I n/a n/a n/a
Shannon Williams Williams, Shannon Accounts Payable – Accountant 3, Comptroller's Office BAB First Floor 504-286-5321
Erika Witt Witt, Erika Interim Circulation Librarian / Adjunct Professor LIB 202 504-286-5223
Wood, Shelia Director, E-Learning, Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) ITC 1st Floor 504-286-5368
Constance Woods Woods, Constance DXC Technology Partnership Student Success Specialist CBA 207 504-286-5144
Woods, Kathy, M.A. Academic Coach/Instructor Student Support Services CBA 216 504-286-5102
Yu, Yanjun Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems CBA 206 504-286-5169
Zhen, Dr. Yi Associate Professor of Physics NATSCI 163 504-286-5241