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The New #SUNOShuffle Dares You to Hit the Floor!

There are basically two types of people in this world: those whose feet glide across any floor in perfect time to the tempo of the bus stop - they stand out. They move with all of the grace and funk of a Soul Train dancer... And then, there are dancers like me. I’m one of those people that love dancing yet I can not learn choreography. I’m talking basics like a kick-ball-step.

Luckily for those of us with two left feet, Ty Greenup has come to our rescue! Ty is currently a Junior majoring in Business Management here at SUNO. I caught up with her to ask her a few questions...

Observer: How did you come up with the new choreography for the SUNO Shuffle?

Ty G: I’m a country gal, so line dancing has been a part of my culture since a little girl. I decided to implement steps that I’ve been doing all my life and added a little twist.

Observer: You said that you’ve been dancing since you were a little girl. Tell me more.

Ty G: I’ve been dancing for as long as I could walk. From church dance teams to school dance teams.

Observer: Why did you guys (S.G.A) decide that now was the time to bring back the Shuffle?

Ty G: It is an HBCU culture to have a shuffle and we are now including SUNO back in the number! What’s SUNO without the SUNO Shuffle?!

Ty recently met with a small group of students in the Knights Castle where she introduced us to the new SUNO Shuffle! She made the choreography groovy yet simple enough that even I caught on...after a few weeks practice.

Sooooo, now it’s your turn Knights!!! Get up out of your seat, put on your favorite SUNO tee shirt and tennis shoes and press play. Ty Greenup and Nykia McCray, Senior, Criminal Justice major and the 59th Miss Southern University at New Orleans break down the steps below so that all Knights can join in!

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