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Student Activities and Organizations

Welcome to SUNO Clubs and Organizations!

Prepare to embark on an exciting journey as you explore our diverse array of vibrant clubs. From academic and professional societies to cultural and social groups, there is something for everyone. Joining a club allows you to expand your horizons, develop lifelong friendships, and make a difference. Immerse yourself in intellectual discourse, unleash your creativity, find your rhythm, or engage in service and philanthropy. These exceptional opportunities will enhance your leadership skills and broaden your cultural understanding, providing a holistic education. Get involved, forge connections, and unleash your potential at SUNO Clubs and Organizations—where passions thrive and extraordinary journeys begin.


Very Involved Peers

To encourage students to graduate from SUNO within 4 years, increase public awareness of SSS TRIO, and assist students in partaking and completing their required community service hours toward graduation. Encourage other non-SSS TRIO participants on campus to join SSS TRIO and promote campus involvement.

Advisor: Mr. Bocage


SUNO Bowling Club

SUNO bowling club strives to be a source of community and opportunity for students, where they can bowl for fun or learn to bowl on a higher level. It will be a way to engage with other colleges that are established in the bowling community, and introduce a new outlook to the sport.

Advisor: Mr. Hicks


Collegiate Black and Christian (CBC)

CBC is a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. InterVarsity is a vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty.

Advisor: Betty Hart


SPESA Students for the Prevention and Education of Substance Abuse

The Student for the Prevention and Education of Substance Abuse club is committed to increasing the drug awareness level of students, faculty, and staff of Southern University at New Orleans and the community at large. Because drugs adversely affect individuals and systems physically, emotionally, and spiritually, our aim is to educate individuals concerning drug use and to develop strategies that prevent alcohol and drug use from becoming a problem.

Advisor: Donna Peirce-Jackson


Natural Science Clubs Beata Beta Beta (TriBeta) Biological Honor Society, National Institute of Science (NIS), National Institute of Science (NIS)

Dr. Kambhampati

Library Club

The Library club consist of both undergraduate and graduate students working together for the betterment of the student through organized activities that support the academic goals of the university.

See Director Williams

Poetry Club

Writing poetry, discussing themes and messages, and reciting poetry

Advisor: Dr. Deborah Cauns

Students of Social Work

Advisor: Professor Montegut

Criminal Justice Honors Society

Students that has a GPA of 3.2 and above for Undergraduate and 3.4 and above in the Graduate Program

Advisor: Dr. Darren Gil

SUNO Royal Jewels Dance Team

The Royal Jewels Dance Team is the official performance and entertainment team for Southern University at New Orleans. The ladies of the Royal Jewels provide support and spirit for the Southern University at New Orleans’ Athletics while entertaining fans and students of the community.

The ladies of the Royal Jewels perform halftime and time-out performances at all home games and select away games as well as various University events such as festivals, pep rallies, appearances, and much more! In addition to performing, the ladies of the Royal Jewels are serious advocates for community service.

Becoming a Royal Jewel is a once in a lifetime experience and a journey that will never be forgotten.

See Director Williams

SUNO Knights Cheerleader

As a member of the cheer team, you'll be the heart of our SUNO community, bringing energy and enthusiasm to every game and event. With your friendly and outgoing personality, members will be a perfect fit for passing out swag and making sure everyone feels included in the festivities. The cheer team at our school takes on a great deal of responsibility, from representing our school at athletic events to assisting with new student orientation and other activities at the request of the Director of Student Activities and Organization. While any fulltime student can try out for the team, it is important to note that this is a competitive team that requires serious skills, dedication and commitment. Dues are collected from all students to assist with training, but each member must be responsible for purchasing and maintaining their uniform. Furthermore, participation in fundraising activities is a requirement. Being a part of the cheer team is a serious undertaking, but for those who are willing to put in the hard work, the rewards are plentiful.


Knight Ambassadors

The primary mission of the Southern University at New Orleans Knights Ambassadors is to aid the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. in engaging prospective students both on and off campus. This mission will be achieved through community outreach, organizing on-campus events, attending recruitment opportunities, leading campus tours and creating an environment that will boost student engagement and retention.

Advisor: Cheryl Legohn-Tubbs


 Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is comprised of three distinct branches, each with their own responsibilities and duties. The executive branch will be tasked with leading and implementing initiatives, the legislative branch will create and pass bills, and the judicial branch will ensure that all activities are held to a high standard of accountability. Most positions are voted on during the Spring semester, with the exception of the Freshmen positions of Senator and Miss Freshman. elections will be held in the Fall semester.

Advisor: Director Williams


The Royal Court

Miss Southern University at New Orleans and her Royal Court hold a prominent position within the University, serving as a bright and shining example of excellence and grace. These individuals are not only beautiful and poised, but they also embody integrity in scholarship, leadership, and character. As the official representatives of the student body, they are expected to set a standard of excellence that

inspires others to achieve their very best. From academic achievement to community involvement, the Queen and her Court represent all facets of the University population and are held up as examples of what can be accomplished with hard work, dedication, and a passion for excellence.

Advisor: Ms. Cooper


Drama Club

The drama club is a wonderful opportunity for students to unleash their creativity and express themselves through performance art. Members of the club experiment with acting, singing, and dancing to create jaw-dropping productions that entertain audiences both in school and beyond. The members have proven to be nothing short of exceptional as they work tirelessly and passionately together to produce awe-inspiring performances. One only needs to attend one of their shows to fully grasp the effort and dedication that this club exudes. To be part of this club is to unlock the creative potential within oneself and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Advisor: Adam Falik


The Observer

The student newspaper is a source of information for students, is responsible for producing captivating and informative stories that keep the student body engaged and informed. Whether it's covering a major event on campus or investigating an issue that affects the entire university community, the student journalists dive deep into the story and provide nuanced reporting that is both insightful and thought-provoking. The newspaper is a platform for voices of all kinds, from student leaders to the everyday student with a unique perspective. With such a diverse array of viewpoints, the student newspaper serves as a microcosm of the larger world, providing an invaluable educational experience for those who are involved in its production.

Advisor: Adam Falik


Delta Delta Epsilon Forensic Science Honor Society 

Delta Delta Epsilon is the Forensic Science Honor Society. It is open to junior/senior level students who maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA and/or are in the top 10% of students in the program and have a record of service to the community and the program.


Meiko M. Thompson, Ph.D. 

Office: 504-286-5307 

The Forensic Science Club: 

The Club is open to all students interested in forensics, regardless of their declared major. The Club provides opportunities for students to network with professionals in various sub-disciplines and to develop skills in areas such as fingerprinting and crime scene reconstruction. 

Meiko M. Thompson, Ph.D. 

Office: 504-286-5307 


List of Organizations

Beta Kappa Chi/National Institute of Science
Book Club
Cheer Phi Cheer
Drama Club
Freshmen Ladies Leaders of Tomorrow Club
Honda All-Star Challenge
International Student Association
International Student Association
Men of Social Work Association
Museum Club
National Institute of Science/Beta Kappa Chi
New Orleans Association of Blade Social Worker
Phi Alpha Honor Society - Xi Phi Chapter
Phi Alpha Honor Society (Social Worker)
Phi Alpha Theta
Phi Beta Lambda (Business Students)
Poetry Club
Psi Chi the International Honor Society in Psychology
Psychology Club
Public Administration club
Royal Court
Student Ambassadors
Student Veterans Organization
Students for Prevention & Education of SUBA (SPESA)
Students of Social Work (SOS) Association - MSW
Students of Social Work Association - BSW
SUNO History Club
SUNO Knights Cheerleaders
SUNO Men of Excellence
SUNO Observer (Newspaper)
SUNO Psychology Mentoring Program
SUNO Royal Jewels Dance Team
SUNO Spanish Club: Los Gentes
The First Fifty Knight
Voices of SUNO Choir
Yearbook Club