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Human Resources | Performance Management

Performance planning and management are fundamental to the business strategy. It is through this process that employees are informed of the business objectives for the years and goals are set to meet these objectives. In doing so, supervisors should also identify the necessary training and resources to assist the employee in meeting his or her goals for the year. Moreover, these processes assist employees with their career development.

Should you have any questions or concerns related to performance management, can be directed to the Office of Human Resources at:


Patricia Alexander, HR Manager

6400 Press Dr.
New Orleans, LA 70126
Phone Number: (504) 286-5272

Email Address:

Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO) uses three distinct performance management systems depending upon an employee's classification.




Each probationary faculty member’s evaluation shall be initiated within their department by a date established by the department chair to determine if the faculty member is eligible for reappointment and the continued pursuit of tenure.  

Performance Evaluations are due by August 31st each year and Performance Plans are due by September 31st. Should the deadline fall on a weekend, holiday or university closure, all forms must be submitted by the workday prior to the deadline.

Probationary Faculty Evaluation Highlights:

  1. Each probationary faculty member shall be evaluated by the Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Committee in his department or academic unit using the criteria published for this purpose.
  2. The application and all supporting documents, together with evaluations and recommendations of the department committee and the chairperson, shall then be submitted by October 15th to the Dean of the appropriate college or division for the College/School RTP Committee’s evaluation and recommendations.
  3. The Dean shall forward all recommendations, evaluations and documentation received from the Department Chair/Program Director and all applicants’ appeals to the College/School RTP Committee. The College/School RTP Committee’s evaluations and recommendations shall then be submitted by the chair of the College/School RTP Committee by November 15th to the dean.
  4. The dean shall conduct his/her evaluations and render recommendations, based on his/her review of all the supporting documents and recommendations from previous levels of review and appeals from retention applicants. Upon completion of his evaluation, the dean shall notify applicants and the chief academic officer of the results, in writing, by December 8th.
    1. For applicants in their second academic year of service, recommendations must be given to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs by November 7th. (Bylaws and Regulations, Part III, Chapter II, Section 2-8.B.2)
  5. The chief academic officer shall make his assessment considering the application, the supporting documents, the evaluations and recommendations of the department committee, the chairperson and the College/School RTP Committee and dean and all appeals received from retention applicants. 
    1. The chief academic officer’s recommendations shall be submitted to the Chancellor of the campus by January 30th of each academic year

For applicants in their second academic year of service, recommendations must be given to the Chancellor by November 14th. (Bylaws and Regulations, Part III, Chapter II, Section 2-8.B.2) 

6. The chancellor shall conduct his review and evaluation of the submitted dossiers. In the event a retention candidate receives a positive recommendation, he shall be so notified, in writing, with copies to the appropriate chairperson, the dean and the chief academic officer. If a candidate receives a negative recommendation, the candidate shall be notified, in writing, with the reasons stated. Copies of the notification shall be transmitted to the appropriate chairperson, the dean and the chief academic officer. The notification shall specify the effective termination date. 

The written notice of non-renewal of a probationary appointment should be issued no later than March 1, of the first academic year of service, if the appointment expires at the end of that academic year; no later than December 15, of the second academic year if the appointment expires at the end of that academic year; at least twelve months before the expiration of an appointment after two or more years of service at the institution (Bylaws and Regulations, Part III, Chapter II, Section 2-8.B.2) 




The Performance Management process is a collaborate process that involves ongoing communication throughout the year between the employee and the supervisor.

Performance Evaluations are due by August 31st each year and Performance Plans are due by September 31st. Should the deadline fall on a weekend, holiday or university closure, all forms must be submitted by the workday prior to the deadline.

Unclassified Evaluation Highlights:

  1. Employees and Supervisors must work together through the evaluation and planning process.

  2. Employees and supervisors must work together during the performance year to ensure the employee is getting feedback and the supervisor is documenting progress and providing support if needed.

  3. If an employee changes jobs during the performance year, the supervisor will be required to complete an interim performance evaluation.

  4. If the employee is not meeting the performance goals or under-performing, the manager/supervisor will be required to prepare a performance improvement plan and provide follow-up to the employee.

  5. An employee who disagrees with their annual performance evaluation has a right to appeal to Human Resources. The Human Resource decision is final.



The Performance Evaluation System is a tool used to measure individual performance and to develop employees into high-performing individuals. The Performance Evaluation System became effective July 1, 2012 and applies to all classified employees: job appointment, probational and permanent. The performance evaluation year shall be July 1 through June 30 of each fiscal year.

Performance evaluations are maintained in the Human Resource Department in employee confidential personnel files.

Important Dates

• Performance Evaluation Session: July 1 – August 31*
• Performance Planning Session: July 1 – September 31*


PLEASE NOTE: Planning sessions for new hires and those employees being moved to a position having a different position number with significantly different duties should be conducted within three (3) months of the effective date.


These inclusions must be included in all classified employees’ performance planning documents.

Mandatory Behavior Expectation

“Project a positive image of Southern University by providing high quality customer service by utilizing tone, body language and other verbal and non-verbal cues to convey a courteous and professional demeanor to clients on every level.

Mandatory Work Expectation for Supervisors only

Performance Plans and Evaluations are to be completed accurately and submitted by required deadlines.