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Timely Warning/Crime Alert Bulletins

The Southern University at New Orleans Police Department believes that a well-informed community is integral to maintaining the safest campus and facilities possible. It is the policy of SUNOPD to have the Chief of Police and/or designee confer as necessary and applicable with administrators, legal counsel, and surrounding law enforcement agencies after a violent crime occurs or a crime that is deemed by the Chief of Police and/or designee to represent a continuing threat to students, staff, faculty, or visitors and disseminate “timely warning” crime alert information within 24 to 48 hours, alerting the campus community. Bulletins also include prevention information to assist members of our educational community from becoming a victim of a similar crime. Bulletins shall include but are not limited to: Clery Act crimes that are reported to any campus security authority or the local police; or when the University determines that the incident represents an ongoing threat to the campus community. Additionally, SUNOPD may, in some circumstances, issue warnings when there is a pattern of crimes against persons or property.

These warnings are sent in various ways, including but not limited to e-mails, posters or bulletins, and social media. SUNOPD will issue these warnings whenever the following criteria are met:

A crime is committed;

  1. The perpetrator has not been apprehended; and
  2. There is a substantial and ongoing risk to the physical safety of other campus community members because of this crime.

SUNOPD provides this notice of a criminal incident (s) that occurred in our community to provide information that may help avoid a similar crime or provide information to solve this crime. Contact your SUNO Police Department if you have any information regarding this incident or any other incident. Call 911 (emergency) or 286-5290 (non-emergency).

Timely Warnings 

Timely Warning 23-001TW Threats

Timely Warning 22-005TW Aggravated Battery by Shooting November 23, 2022

Timely Warning 22-004TW Auto Theft November 21, 2022

Timely Warning 22-003TW Auto Theft November 19, 2022

Timely Warning 22-002TW Homicide By Shooting April 11, 2022

Timely Warning 22-001TW Sexual Battery March 4, 2022

Timely Warning 21-001TW Auto Theft October 4, 2021

Timely Warning 20-001TW Vehicle Burglary March 2, 2020

Timely Warning 19-009TW Residence Burglary December 13, 2019

Timely Warning 19-008 TW Shooting August 14, 2019

Timely Warning 19-007TW Robbery 8-13-19

Timely Warning 19-006TW Vehicle Burglary August 12, 2019

Timely Warning 19-005TW Sexual Battery Simple Rape July 19, 2019

Timely Warning 19-004TW Vehicle Burglary May 24, 2019

Timely Warning 19-003TW Vehicle Burglary May 23, 2019

Timely Warning 19-002TW Trespassing April 29, 2019

Timely Warning 19-001TW Disturbance February 25, 2019

Timely Warning 18-010TW Vehicle Burglary December 10, 2018

Timely Warning 18-009TW Incident November 2, 2018

Timely Warning 18-008TW Residence Burglary October 24, 2018

Timely Warning 18-007TW Vehicle Burglary October 18, 2018

Timely Warning 18-006TW Missing Person August 7, 2018

Timely Warning 18-005TW Residence Burglary June 13, 2018

Timely Warning 18-004TW Theft February 19, 2018

Timely Warning 18-003TW Theft January 27, 2018

Timely Warning 18-002TW Vandalism January 18, 2018

Timely Warning 18-001TW Theft January 10, 2018