Authority and Jurisdiction


The Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) Police Department is responsible for responding to all emergencies, suspicious activities, crimes, security concerns, and parking. The goal of every member of the Campus Police department is to provide for a safe, secure, enjoyable and fulfilling university experience. Police employees are proud to be a part of a university team that works with students, staff and neighboring communities to further improve conditions in and around Southern University at New Orleans. University Police officers are commissioned as law enforcement officers by the State of Louisiana under the State of La. R.S. 17:1805 §1805. Officers must meet all certification standards for police officers in the State of Louisiana. Officers have the power of arrest and are sworn to enforce statutes of Louisiana on University property and public roads passing through or immediately adjoining University property. To maintain their certification, officers must complete annual in-service training, which includes qualifying on all assigned firearms.

Working Relationship with Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

The SUNO Police Department maintains a cooperative relationship with local and surrounding police agencies. This includes inter-operative radio capability, training programs, special events coordination, and investigation of serious incidents.


Memorandum of Understanding between SUNOPD and the New Orleans Police Department

SUNO Police Department has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the New Orleans Police Department. The MOU outlines the administrative responsibility, geographic responsibility, and operational responsibility. Key topics in the MOU are emergency response to crimes, medical or fire response, alarm response, 9-1-1 response, explosive ordnance response, tactical operations and special events. The MOU also addresses ongoing communication and informational exchanges in the form of reports and statistical data.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What does a jurisdictional expansion mean for SUNO Police Officer's arrest authority?

The primary focus for SUNO Police Officers continues to be the core campus geography for the SUNO campuses and providing services to students, faculty, and staff. SUNO Police Officers have the same arrest authority as the New Orleans Police Department. They can arrest anyone who commits a crime within SUNO Police's jurisdiction, not just SUNO-affiliated students, faculty, and staff. The expansion gives SUNO Police Officers arrest and investigative authority in a larger geographic area giving SUNO Police Officers the authority to respond and assist with "off-campus" special events and emergencies.

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