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Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)

An ORP account is owned by the employee, and there is no waiting period to join. The employee’s contribution is 8.0% of salary, less a 0.05% administrative fee to TRSL. Employee and employer contributions are pooled and invested by the designated ORP carrier in the options chosen by the employee. The performance of the employee's investments determines the retirement benefit due. Projections of possible benefits are provided, but not guaranteed, by the ORP carriers.


ORP Carriers

• Voya Financial


• Corebridge Financial

ORP balances can be rolled over to another IRS-qualified retirement plan or to an IRA(s) at any time after termination of employment. Also, a one-time, lump-sum payment of up to 36 months of your annuity is available from the ORP account at the time of retirement in addition to a lifetime annuity. If the up-front lump sum is chosen, lifetime benefits would be reduced accordingly.


For more information about the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP), please contact TRSL customer service at (225) 925-6446 or (877) 275-8775. You may also visit TRSL online at: TRSL.


The decision to join the ORP is irrevocable. You cannot change your mind and later join TRSL. If you change to another employer that reports to TRSL, you must stay in the ORP. You should look at your career expectations carefully and realistically before deciding whether to enroll in TRSL or the ORP.

If you are reasonably sure you won’t continue in your current position, or don’t plan to remain in Louisiana for at least five years, the ORP may be a good idea because it would be portable to most other U.S. colleges and universities. However, if you plan to continue teaching or working in Louisiana, TRSL is probably the best choice. Ultimately, however, each person has unique circumstances, and the decision to join ORP or TRSL belongs entirely to that individual.

If you decide to enroll in the ORP, you will need to complete TRSL’s

More information on ORP is available at ORP.