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Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO) was founded in 1956 as a branch campus of the Southern University and A&M College located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Established as an open community of learners, classes began with 158 students, one building, and a motivated faculty of fifteen. Today, SUNO offers a myriad of academic programs and employees over 300 dedicated faculty and staff members. Our faculty and staff remain committed to SUNO’s mission of empowering and promoting upward mobility of diverse populations of traditional and non-traditional students.


When you become a member of the Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO) campus community – faculty or staff, you are eligible to participate in the University’s comprehensive benefits package that include:

Health, dental, and vision insurance. SUNO offers several different plan options for eligible members to participate.

Life insurance. SUNO offers two full-insurance insurance programs for eligible participants. The State of Louisiana pays for half of the premium for eligible participants.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance.

Retirement plans. Depending on your employee classification (faculty, unclassified or classified), SUNO offers three different options.

Tuition benefit. Eligible employees and their dependents may participate in the University tuition waiver program.


Interested applicants must complete a Southern University employment application. Please click one of the tabs below to search our available positions:

Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO) participates in e-Verify for verification of citizenship and employment authorization.


  1. The hiring department must get authorization to fill the position before any announcements, interviews, offers, etc. This is done by completing the Position Vacancy Authorization form and acquiring the appropriate signatures (Department Head and Dean/Director/Supervisor of Budget Unit as indicated on the form. The Position Vacancy Authorization form must be completed for all positions except students and graduate assistants.
    1. The Position Vacancy Announcement form may also be completed and submitted along with the Authorization form. The "Application Deadline" and "Date Position to be Filled" will be adjusted as needed based on the date the authorization form is approved.
  2. After these signatures are obtained, the forms are submitted to Human Resources for review and approval.
  3. Upon approval, the Position Vacancy Authorization/Announcement forms are submitted to the Budget Office, Vice Chancellor for Finance, Chancellor (if below $50,000 whether new or existing position) and System President (if $50,000 and above whether new or existing position).
  4. Once approved, HR will post the position internally and externally (using Indeed,, and If a department desires to advertise to other external sources, a written request must be submitted to Human Resources.
    1. Should the department wish to use other external sources (i.e, professional journals, Chronicle of Higher Education, etc.) for unclassified and faculty positions, the written request should include where the department wishes to advertise, the funding source, and an attached copy of the advertisement using one of the corresponding advertisement templates:
  5. All unclassified and faculty applicants will be directed to SUNOs application page to complete their Application for Employment and upload resumes and other requested documented.
  6. All Civil Service positions must be posted in accordance with Civil Service rules. Upon receipt of approved forms, classified positions are posted on for a minimum of five (5) calendar days as well as the SUNO Careers page and Indeed. All Civil Service applicants will be directed to to apply directly
  7. Interviewing and selection should be in accordance with guidelines outlined by the Southern University System for unclassified, faculty and non-competitive Civil Service positions. Competitive Civil Service positions will be governed by the guidelines found in the Employment Guidelines Handbook and the Civil Service rules.
  8. All offers of employment are conditional and all offers of employment are extended by the Office of Human Resources. Once a prospective employee has been identified, Human Resources will notify the individual of the “conditional offer” and will advise the candidate that their appointment is pending background clearance, employment eligibility, and/or Board approval.
    1. All applicants (including graduate students, undergraduate students, adjuncts, special hire employees, etc...) must complete the Criminal Background Check process and will be provided the necessary forms by HR.
  9. The hiring supervisor verifies references by completing the Reference Check Form.
  10. The hiring supervisor completes Proposed Employment Clearance (obtain appropriate signature) and Proposed Employee Appointment forms. Once the forms are completed in their entirety, they are to be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.
  11. Once HR returns the approved Proposed Employment Clearance form to the hiring department, the hiring department generates the Personnel Action Form.
    1. The prospective employee must not start work until the Personnel Action Form has been approved at all levels and have employment clearance through HR.
    2. In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, employers are mandated to verify the identity and legal authorizations of all paid employees. Thus, once the Personnel Action forms have been approved and they have received proper employment clearance, Human Resources will contact the employee with their start date.
  12. Payment to classified, unclassified and faculty employees (except where stipulated), including regular unclassified and faculty employees working overloads and extra work on grants and special projects should be on the next regularly scheduled payday.
    1. If approval is obtained less than ten (10) workdays before the next regularly scheduled pay day, it may be received on the following payday.

If assistance is needed at any time at any step in the process, please contact Human Resources.

Office of Human Resources

Attention: Patricia Alexander, HR Manager

6400 Press Dr.

New Orleans, LA 70126

Phone Number: (504) 286-5272

Email Address: