On-Site Visits Logistics Commitee

Gloria B. Moultrie

Committee Chair
Chief Administration Officer for Community Outreach/Alumni Affairs/Public Relations
Bashful Administration Building, Room 312


Dr. David Adegboye

Tammy Barney

Director, Public Relations

Email: tbarney@suno.edu

Phone: 504-286-5343

Room: BAB 312

Diane Bordenave

Peter Bonnee'

Technology Liason, Information Technology Center

Email: pbonnee@suno.edu

Phone: 504-284-5555

Room: ITC

Dr. Donna Grant

Shaun Lewis

Director, Facilities Management/Safety & Transportation

Email: slewis@suno.edu

Phone: 504-286-5295

Room: MB 101B

Dr. David Adegboye

Hazel Pitts

Assistant to the Vice Chancellor/ Administration & Finance

Email: hpitts@suno.edu

Phone: 504-286-5148

Room: BAB 301

Diane Bordenave

Vonda Taplin

Administrative Assistant IV, Office of Community Outreach

Email: vtaplin@suno.edu

Phone: 504-286-5341

Room: BAB 312

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