Educational Talent Search Program

Dr. David Adegboye

Ruth W. Johnson

Director, Educational Talent Search Program


Phone: 504-286-5445

Room: LCMC 209

Educational Talent Search Program (ETSP) is one of the "TRiO" Programs funded through the U.S.Education Department in the amount of $1,439,528 between 2006-2011.

ETSP is a non-profit academic enhancement program designed to provide program services to 727 eligible participants aged 11-27. The overarching objective of the project is to enable participants to successfully complete high school, secure financial aid, and enroll in postsecondary programs. Services are provided to eligible students at the following schools in Orleans Parish:

Booker T. Washington

Edward Livingston Middle School

Eleanor McMain Middle and High Schools

McDonogh 35 Middle and High Schools

New Home Community Center

Orleans Parish PM High School

Sophie B. Wright Charter

Walter L. Cohen

Mission Statement provide information and inspiration for future self-reliance...

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