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Ways to Give | Planned Giving

You can support Southern University at New Orleans by making a charitable gift, a gift that requires consideration and planning in light of your overall estate plan. Such gifts usually include legal documents and often require the assistance of a qualified professional advisor to complete. Because of the size and potential impact of such gifts, consultation with your professional financial advisors is encouraged. For your convenience, this literature describes a few exciting and generous examples of planned gifts that can be made to Southern University at New Orleans.

Planned gifts are usually deferred, meaning they are arranged now and fulfilled later. For example, a person could include a provision in his or her will to make a bequest to a charitable organization. That arrangement would be a “planned” gift. This may be the first time you have heard the terms, “planned giving” or “deferred giving” or “charitable gift planning.” As you explore this brochure and complete research on your own, your familiarity with these terms and concepts will grow quickly. In fact, you just may find yourself wanting to know more and, we hope, make a planned gift to Southern University at New Orleans.

Create EXTRAORDINARY Opportunities!

Life Insurance:

Create a new life insurance policy or donate a paid-up policy whose coverage you no longer need. This will increase your ability to make a significant gift to Southern University at New Orleans.

Deferred Gift Annuity:

Establish a deferred gift annuity, take a larger deduction, at a higher income rate than other life-income gifts offer. Donate one of the most valuable assets in your portfolio to make a gift to Southern University at New Orleans.

Real Estate Gifts:

Make a gift of real estate to Southern University at New Orleans and avoid capital gains tax. Receive an income tax deduction -and give a gift that doesn't affect your lifestyle.

Charitable Lead Trust:

Reduce gift and estate taxes and control the timing of passing assets to your children and grandchildren. Create a charitable lead trust to support Southern University at New Orleans for a fixed, finite period with the principal going to your heirs. Reduce gift and estate taxes, and freeze the taxable value of growing assets before they pass to your family.

Partnership Interest:

Avoid capital gains liability on the transfer of a business or partnership interest. Contribute the partnership interest or closely-held stock to SUNO and avoid capital gains liability. Receive an income tax deduction, and utilize a gift asset you may have overlooked.


Use cash to maximize your deduction and minimize the gift details. Claim your deduction against a larger portion of your adjusted gross income, and make an immediate, positive impact on Southern University at New Orleans.

Appreciated Stock or Bonds:

Afford a larger gift to SUNO and avoid capital gains liability. Give appreciated stock or bonds held more than one year. Buy low and give high - make a gift that costs you less than the benefit it delivers to SUNO, while avoiding capital gains tax.


Make a gift for SUNO's future that doesn't affect your cash flow or portfolio now. Add a bequest to your will (cash, specific property, or a share of the estate residue).

TODAY - a gift that costs you and your family nothing.

TOMORROW - an estate tax deduction.

Charitable Gift Annuity:

Retain income benefits from the assets you give to Southern University at New Orleans - and thus provide a larger gift. Create a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder annuity trust. Receive income for your lifetime; receive a charitable deduction and diversify your holdings. Reduce high tax liability now; gain additional income later.

To learn more about the many giving programs at SUNO, call (504)286-5342 for more information.