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Teacher Education Student Learning Outcomes

The Department of Teacher Education Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) guide course and field experience design, inform assessments, and provide a framework for students to reflect and develop on their journeys as professional educators.

The Learning Outcomes incorporate four domains: Teaching, Planning for Instruction and Assessment, Learner and the Learner Environment, and Professionalism.

SLO 1(Teaching)

  • Candidates will be able to deliver meaningful learning experiences by integrating their knowledge of content, pedagogy, the learner and the learning environment.
  • Candidates will demonstrate how to connect concepts by using multiple instructional strategies to engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, and effective use of technology.

SLO 2 (Planning Instruction and Assessment)

  • Candidates will demonstrate the ability to organize curriculum, instruction, and assessment to help diverse learners meet rigorous learning goals by drawing upon knowledge of the concepts in content areas, curriculum, pedagogy, and knowledge of learner.
  • Candidates will apply formal and informal assessment strategies, including technology application, to evaluate and assess special learning needs and to ensure the continuous intellectual and social development of the learner.

SLO 3 (Learner and the Learner Environment)

  • Candidates will demonstrate their understanding of cognitive, social, and emotional development by creating an environment that ensures respect and a culture of learning for all students.
  • Candidates will demonstrate the knowledge of understanding individual differences and diverse cultures to insure inclusive learning environment that will enable each learner to meet state and national standards.
  • Candidates will demonstrate their knowledge of how learners grow and develop across the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical areas, and design developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

SLO 4 (Professionalism)

  • Candidates will demonstrate their commitment to life-long learning by engaging in professional learning and collaborative practices and uses evidence to continually evaluate their practice to improve teaching and learning.
  • Candidates will demonstrate teacher leadership by collaborating with learners, families, colleagues, other school professionals, and the community to ensure learner growth and to demonstrate a commitment to ethical and equitable behavior