Knight's Watch

Knight Watch is an offshoot of the well?known crime prevention program, "Neighborhood Watch", which is found in communities throughout America. It is a team effort with you and Campus Police working together to prevent crime. Knight Watch asks the entire community-students, faculty, and staff to look out for each other's welfare; to be alert to anything that threatens the quality of life on campus; and to report all suspicious activities, emergencies and other concerns to someone who can take action. It also challenges you to be part of the community, not a bystander who refuses to get involved

Knight's Watch

The Knight Watch program also employs students known as “Knight Patrol” who work on a part-time basis for the Police Department. They are supervised by the on-duty Police officers. They work (in shifts) from 9:00 am until 2:00 am, 5 days a week. The Knight Patrol Services augment the regular police officers. They perform some routine patrol activities, do escorts, assist fire drills and alarms, give directions, do safety checks of the residence halls, assist disabled students, assist standard motorists, etc. They wear bright colored vests and carry portable 2-way radios while on duty. They are not sworn officers, do not wear uniforms or carry any weapons. They are a group of civilians who assist police, in many ways like a neighborhood watch.


SUNO Police Department Crime Prevention Unit

(504) 286-5290

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