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Featured Work-at-home Job Opportunities

Organization: Orleans Recovery Foundation
Job Title: Data Collector / Data Checker
Job Type: Part-time
Hours: Varies
Location: Work from Home
Pay Type: $.34 per Excel file for Data collecting and $.30 per Excel file for Data Checking (up to 40,000 lines to be entered and checked)

I. Descriptions of Jobs:
The Data Collectors will be responsible for entering obituary information into an Excel Spreadsheet. Data to be entered will include, but not be limited to, “date of birth,” date of death,” “age at death,” “city of death,” “state of death,” “parish of death,” etc. The data collectors will be assigned one month of data to enter at a time. The data entered will be used by the Foundation to gain insights into the impact of Hurricane Katrina on Mortality Rates of citizens of New Orleans. Data Checkers will check the accuracy of data entered by the Data Collectors.

II. Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
1. Use Times Picayune (provided by the Foundation) to gather required data for entry into excel spreadsheets.
2. Must be able to enter one line of data per minute.
3. Must spell check all data submitted.
4. Must submit timecards each Monday by noon CST.
5. Must submit all data collected/checked by noon CST.
6. Must enter at least 340 lines per week.

Additional Info:
Minimum Age - 18+ years old
Detailed oriented
Must be flexible and quick to adapt to changes
Must have excellent follow-up skills
Must possess professional demeanor

Contact Romericus Stewart at 504-658-2530 or at to apply.


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