Sociology at SUNO is inclusive; it includes both the work of understanding human interactions and a commitment to the empowerment of marginalized groups. We study the values people hold and consider why they think as they do.

We consider how humans impact the environment and larger social institutions, but also consider how those same institutions impact social relationships.

To that end, our undergraduate Sociology program emphasizes teaching students the skills to live in a multicultural society and be active participants in creating a more just and equalitarian world. While steeped in theory and methodology, sociologists at SUNO are trained to be of service to their community through course work that requires student/community collaboration through research. Certainly, Sociology at SUNO offers students an advantage: in addition to becoming scholars of the field, students also become critical thinkers who are ready to take on the challenges of the future with compassion and empathy.

Upon taking courses in sociology, students will be able to:

Develop a sociological imagination, the ability to connect their life dilemmas to the issues experienced by others and to see the role larger institutions play in shaping these daily experiences.
Identify that their life is lived in the way it is precisely because others live the lives they do.
See everyday interactions as sociological.
Have an understanding and appreciation of diversity.

Examples of courses offered here at SUNO include: Race and Ethnicity; Race, Class, and Gender; the Sociology of Religion; Methods; Juvenile Delinquency; Marriage and the Family. Additionally, we offer several special topics courses taught by faculty who specialize in these areas. More than just course work, students and faculty agree: sociology empowers us to live lives with meaning.

Sociology graduates are very happy with their chosen careers. While some to continue their educational training through graduate studies, others enter the job market.

For a listing of excellent graduate level sociology programs (by ranking), please see:

Just over 25 percent of Sociology graduates find themselves in social services careers, as Counselors, and as Psychologists. Opportunities are not limited to these however. Many sociologists find satisfying work in management and research. Truly, the opportunities are endless, as a degree in sociology prepares you to be a well rounded, responsible citizen of the world.

Please see the following website, for more details concerning your future career options:

Regardless of your post SUNO decisions, Sociology advisors are available and welcome you to make an appointment. We are excited about your potential and readily make ourselves available to assist you as you make your transition.


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