Public Administration

The Public Administration Department provides education and a bachelor's degree in public administration that equips students with knowledge and skills essential for careers in government and non-profit organizations or further studies.


Dr. Igwe E. Udeh
Interim Chair
CBA Building, Suite 212

Assistant Professors:
Biruk Alemayehu, Ph.D.; Patricia B. Robertson, Ph.D.


The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Public Administration provides students with a general foundation in the nature of the public workplace and its political and legal environments. This major prepares students for professional employment and leadership in government and nonprofit organizations. The program provides specialized training in management and management-related skills. 

The Public Administration program addresses issues of governance, organization and policy in a democratic society and provides students with the skills required for successful executive and administrative careers in public service and nonprofit agencies. By combining a broad liberal arts training with discipline-specific coursework, the Public Administration program introduces many of the skills necessary for professional participation in public service, including critical thinking, effective speaking and writing, understanding of budgets and financial statements, research and analytical capabilities. The vision of the program includes preparing students for careers in public service; preparing students for further studies; and helping students to become better participants in the democratic process.

Departmental Goals

The program will:
  1. Prepare students for productive, fulfilling careers in public and nonprofit administration, especially in federal, state and local governments.
  2. Promote an understanding and appreciation of the functions and value of government in the society.
  3. Contribute to the improvement of governance and societal institutions.


The Public Administration curriculum consists of 42 hours of  General Education courses, 51 hours of Administrative Core courses, and 27 hours of courses in the major. These courses provides students with the knowledge of:
  • The political culture of public work
  • The economic environment of the public sector
  • The legal environment of the public sector
  • Organization theories
  • Management theories
  • Management and public accountability best practices
  • Policy operationalization processes
A Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration requires 120 semester credit hours.

In addition, the Public Administration curriculum heightens students critical, analytical and communication skills through case studies and exercises. The capstone requirement of a public service internship demands integration of knowledge from both general studies and major studies by focusing students on specific cases and work place applications.


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