Parking Decals

A parking decal is required for all faculty, staff and students to park on campus parking lots. 

A decal can be purchased at the Comptroller’s Office on the first floor of the Bashful Administration Building.  Your receipt along with your driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration should be brought to SUNO Campus Police located in the Maintenance Building to receive a decal.

Campus Police encourages everyone to pay close attention to where they are parking. Please obey all parking and traffic laws to avoid penalties and fines.  


The fee can be paid on-site or it can be included in your tuition. If you choose to include it in your tuition and fees, please advise the cashier. 

Faculty Reserved Parking  $100.00 for the University year
Faculty Preferred Parking  $50.00 for University year, $15.00 for additional vehicle
Faculty General Parking    $25.00 for each semester, $15.00 for additional vehicle
Student General Parking    $15.00 for each semester, $15.00 for additional vehicle
Residence Parking             $25.00 for each semester, $15.00 for additional vehicle


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