Dr. Joe Omojola, a math and physics professor, will be featured in "The Children of Central City," a NOLA.com|The Times-Picayune series from reporters Johnathan Bullington and Richard A. Webster. Last fall, they followed a team of 9- and 10-year-old boys who play football at A.L. Davis Park in Central City. 

Bullington and Webster spent months with the team, interviewing parents, coaches and families as part of an examination into an often-overlooked public health crisis: chronic exposure to violence and its devastating effects on children. The series explores how this repeated exposure alters a child’s health and behavior, and what – if anything – is being done to help heal the scars left from trauma.

Dr. Omojola will be featured Sunday, June 17 in the final installment of the five-day series. That article tells the story of Brennan Jacques', a 2017 Cum Laude mathematics graduate and one of Dr. Omojola's students. 

Click the following links to see the trailer and to read the first installment of the series:

Here’s a trailer for the series, which launches June 13. I hope you’ll consider reading the series when it comes out, and sharing it with others you think will care about helping children in New Orleans – and elsewhere – build the future they deserve.


First Installment (more articles will be added through Sunday)

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