Forensic Science Minor

The minor in Forensic Science is designed for students who wish to learn the basic concepts of forensic science and how to apply them to other fields of knowledge.

Minor Course Requirements: 18 credit hours

  • FRSC 201 Forensic Science Seminar [1 hour]
  • FRSC 210 Introduction to Forensic Science [3 hours]
  • FRSC 220 Introduction to Law [3 hours]
  • FRSC 305 Witness Testimony [3 hours]
  • FRSC 430/L Forensic Microscopy [4 hours]
  • FRSC elective [4 hours]

Grade Policy

 No grade below C is acceptable in the minor subject. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required to complete the minor.


SUNO will launch a Doctor of Social Work program in Fall 2016. Information will be available in December and applications will be available in January 2016.