Information Technology Center

Edmond Cummings
6895 Press Drive
New Orleans, LA 70126


The mission of the Information Technology Center (ITC) is to provide high quality infrastructure, support, and innovation in the delivery of information technology products and services to enable and empower the University Constituency.  

General goals in support of this mission are:

  • Recognition as providers of excellent service
  • Knowledge creation and sharing through research and innovation
  • Robust, reliable and secure technology infrastructure
  • Respected and professional staff who exemplify leadership qualities
  • Effective communication with the University Community
Bonnee', Peter
Technology Liaison, Information Technology Center
Extension: 504-284-5555

Etienne, Aretha
Database Analyst , Information Technology Center
Extension: 504-286-5259

Faulkner-Parker, Tina
IT Security Administer, Information Technology Center
Extension: 504-284-5545

Howard, Jeanneen
Applications Manager , Information Technology Center
Extension: 504-284-5532

Lee, Reashell
Program Analyst/ Application Developer, Information Technology Center
Extension: 504-286-5183

Stemmons, Warren
Network Administrator, Information Technology Center
Extension: 504-286-5228

White, Frederick
Network Technician, Computer Lab
Extension: 504-286-5138


The total enrollment at SUNO has grown every year since Hurricane Katrina. Despite projections that the University's enrollment would only reach between 1,200 and 1,500 students in the spring of 2006, more than 2,000 students returned to campus. SUNO's current enrollment is 2,704 students.