Important Information for Students



Effective Spring 2016, the university book store will only allow students with excess credit balances for the current term to utilize the “SUNO Book Voucher Program”.  Once students finalize registration by securing tuition & fees, the book voucher will be available the following day for use.  Subsequently, any charges incurred at the bookstore will post to BANNER Student and reduce the available credit balance.  The book voucher program is only offered during the Fall & Spring semesters and is available from the 1st day of class through the 7th day of class.  All other students will be required to pay for books up front.



This non-refundable student imposed fee is assessed to every registered student attending class on campus during the Fall & Spring semesters.  Café Cash is accessible by way of your student ID card and funds may be used at the SUNO Knight’s Dinning Hall (located at the rear of the main campus) and at the Aramark POD (located in the Student UC).  All special dietary request should be addressed to Knight’s Dining Management by the 14th day of class.  Request made after the 14th class day will not be honored.    



The Comptroller’s Office maintains a listing of all current Legislative Tuition/Fee Exemption and Waivers for each legislatively mandated tuition/fee exemption and its corresponding Louisiana Revised Statute (LRS).  Exemptions/Waivers are only available during regular registration.  No exemptions or waivers will be process during late registration or any time thereafter.  Under no circumstances will any exemptions/waivers be processed for a previous term.  Students must demonstrate eligibility, and they are responsible for requesting the waivers and certifying eligibility pertaining to the specific waiver with the Comptroller’s Office.  The University reserves the right to administer unfunded legislative mandated exemptions and waivers based on fund and classroom space availability.  All tuition/fee exemption & waiver request must be made by the 14th day of class.  Request made after the 14th class day (fall & spring semesters) and the 7th class day (summer semester) will not be honored.    



Student Excess Credit Balance / Registration Refund

Once all payments and credits (e.g. title IV student financial aid, scholarships, stipends, military benefits, etc.) have posted to your BANNER Student account, any excess credit balance will be refunded to you.  The Federal Government allows schools 14 days to process excess student credit balances.  All student credit balance refunds are processed by the Comptroller’s Office and are provided to students within 14 days from the date the funds are disbursed to your student account.


 Dropping Courses

 If a student reduces their course load by dropping one or more courses, in the Fall or Spring, before the 14th day of class, and in the Summer, before the 7th day of class, tuition and fees are reduced by 100% of the difference.

Withdrawal from the University

When a student finds it necessary to discontinue enrollment prior to the end of the semester or summer term, the student must complete a withdrawal card, obtainable from the Registrar’s Office or a Center for Student Retention and Success Counselor.  The student must provide a valid reason for resigning and must make arrangements with the Comptroller’s Office to clear any outstanding balance. Once the withdrawal card has been completed and signed, it must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.  The process is not officially complete until the withdrawal card is returned to the Registrar’s Office.


When a student leaves the University at any time during a semester or summer session without completing a withdrawal card, the student will receive a grade of “FX” in all courses. An FX indicates that a student has unofficially ceased enrollment and as a result, has failed the course/courses registered for due to a lack of attendance.

Refunds Due to Withdrawals from the University

Tuition and some fees are credited to the student’s account based on the date of withdrawal and the percentage of the semester completed (i.e. 90%, 75%, & 50%)

Provided that tuition and fees have been paid in full, refunds are issued to students who have withdrawn from the University.  Refunds are determined by following policies:

(1)   Southern University at New Orleans Institutional Refund Policy

When a cash paying student chooses to officially withdraw or stops attending classes, the withdrawal date is the date the completed form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

(2) Federal Government Refund Policy

When a Title IV recipient chooses to officially withdraw or stops attending classes, the University is required, by Federal Law, to perform a recalculation of tuition and fees. This may result in indebtedness to the University or to the Title IV program.  The withdrawal date, according to the Department of Education, is the date the student initiated the process.

Tuition and some fees are credited to the student’s account as follows:

If student withdraws:

Fall & Spring                                                                           Summer

Before classes begin                            90%                             Before classes begin                90%

First day of class through                                                       First day of class through      

The seventeenth day of class              75%                             The seventh day of class         75%

Eighteenth day of class through                                             Eighth day of class through               

The twenty-fourth day of class           50%                             The twelfth day of class         50%

After the twenty-fourth day of class  0%                               After the twelfth day of class 0%



Application fee, students insurance, athletic, parking, student union, breakage, technology, late registration, student identification, yearbook, and café cash are all non-refundable fees.



Students who fail to pay their balances timely will not be permitted to view grades, pre-register, re-enroll for a new term, request transcripts, receive diplomas, or participate in the commencement exercise.  In addition to collection remedies at our disposal, we have authority to transfer all delinquent accounts to the Louisiana Department of Justice Collection Section.

Should the University transfer any account receivable balance, the Department of Justice is prepared to take all legal action in order to recover the entire outstanding balance, plus collection fees.  Such actions could include:

  • Reporting your failure to repay your account receivable to a national consumer credit bureau
  • Referral of your account to a private collections agency
  • Legal action taken against you in a state court.

The Department of Justice may inform the Director of Internal Revenue Service of the amount owed to include late charges and collection cost.   In addition, a request can be made to offset any refund to which you would otherwise be entitled.



All outstanding balances, must be paid in full before graduation.  In order to be eligible for graduation clearance, all fees must be paid, including the graduation fee, student accounts, parking, and library fines, etc.  If your student account is not current, you will not be eligible to participate in any commencement activities or receive your diploma and you will not have access to your transcript.  


From 2006 to 2010, the New Orleans Police Department was led by two SUNO graduates -- Warren J. Riley (B'98, M'00) and Marlon Defillo (B'92, M'00).