Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of living on campus?

  1. Great grades! Studies have shown that students who reside on campus perform better academically.
  2. Students develop long lasting friendships. Students who live on campus meet more people, providing an active social atmosphere.
  3. Easy access living. Campus residents enjoy the convenience of having resources such as classes, computer labs, libraries, recreation, student activities and events at their finger tips.
  4. Smooth transition into college life. Mentors, counselors and student assistants are within reach to ensure that students adapt to the academic and social rigors that many college students experience.
  5. One -time payment. Upon payment of registration fees, rental costs are inclusive. It proves to be a stress-free way of meeting the monthly obligations rent and utilities.

 How do I apply to live in SUNO Student & Faculty Housing?

Applications are currently being accepted in the Office of Student Housing Office on SUNO’s Lake Campus. You may also apply online at Payments must be made at the university cashier’s office in the Health & Physical Education Building (which houses the campus gymnasium).

How much are the application and security deposit fees?
The application fee is $50.00 and security deposit is $150.00. Both must be submitted with the SUNO Student & Faculty Housing application. The application fee is non-refundable, the deposit is refundable according to check out guidelines.

Are the apartments furnished?
Yes, the apartments are fully furnished!

How do I pay rent?
Rent is paid in advance on a semester basis during the official Registration period, and the payment must be reflected on the student’s account.

How are the apartments assigned?
The apartments will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis according to the date of the received application.

What are the various apartment styles?
One (1) Bedroom 26 units
Two (2) Bedrooms 168 units
Four (4) Bedrooms 84 units

What are the costs of the apartments?
The apartment costs for the 2015 spring semester are as follows:
One (1) Bedroom $4,310
Two (2) Bedrooms $3,240
Four (4) Bedrooms $2,265
Rent includes utilities, water, internet and telephone services.

Does Financial Aid pay for the apartment rental cost?

Financial aid is available for students who qualify.  Students must notify the Office of Student
Financial  Aid regarding status change to on campus housing.


Who can reside in the apartments?
The apartments are designed for all classifications of students.  Family accommodations are not available.

Are children allowed to stay in the apartments?
Children are not allowed to reside in the apartments.  Baby sitting in the apartments is strictly prohibited.

May I have visitors in my apartment?
Visitors are permitted; however the tenant is responsible for his/her guest’s conduct and behavior at all times. Overnight guests must have prior approval from management.

May I select my roommate preference?
Yes, you must indicate your roommate preference on the Student Housing Application and all parties must submit applications according to requirements.

Are the apartments co-ed?
The apartments are co-ed for upper class students only by buildings. Male and female students cannot reside within the same unit, except for family accommodations. Beginning freshman students may not live in co-ed buildings.

May I have an automobile on campus?
Automobiles are permitted on campus; however, residents must register their cars with the SUNO Police Department.

How will I receive my mail?
Postal service will be available at the SUNO Student & Faculty Housing complex.

Are pets allowed in the apartments?
Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in the apartments.

Is drinking allowed in the apartments?

Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited in the apartments.

Is smoking allowed in the rooms or in the complex area?
No, Southern University at New Orleans is designated as a smoke-free campus.

Can I decorate or paint my apartment?
You may decorate your room as you like as long as the decorations are not permanent and do not cause damage to University property. The University reserves the right to paint the apartment.

When can I check into the apartment?
Students may check in the Saturday before classes begin.

When do I check out of the apartment?
The check-out date is established according to University guidelines for semester closure and lease agreement.

Do I have to be a student or enrolled full-time at Southern University at New Orleans to reside in the apartments?
Tenants must be enrolled at Southern University at New Orleans or another local university in the New Orleans area to reside in the apartments.

What type security measures will be provided at the apartments?
On-site security and professional staff members will be available at the apartments daily.

How do I contact the Office of SUNO Housing?
Office of Student Housing
7000 Press Drive
New Orleans, LA 70126
(504) 286-5395
Contact person: Leonard Edmond
Director, Student Housing


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