Economics Course Descriptions

ECON 211. ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES (Micro)     3 Credit Hours
This course is an introduction to the principles of economics: the economics of the firm, including market demand and supply; costs of production; the market structure of American capitalism; the pricing of products and employment of resources, including the determinants of wages, interest and profits. (Prerequisite: Sophomore Classification)

ECON 222. ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES II (Macro)     3 Credit Hours
This course is an introduction to the theory of aggregate income, employment and the price level; economic stabilization policies; economic growth and development; and international economics. (Prerequisite: ECON 211)

This course covers the collection, organization, analysis and presentation of economic and business data. Emphasis is placed on the use of description and inferential statistics, regression and correlation analysis. (Prerequisite: MATH 232)

ECON 402. PUBLIC FINANCE (Cross-listed as PADM 402)     3 Credit Hours
This course includes public expenditures and budgets; systems, taxation and economic effects; income, sales, land, gift and inheritance taxes; other internal revenues, customs, duties assessment, collection of taxes and debt financing. (Prerequisites: ECON 211, 222)

ECON 411. MONEY AND BANKING     3 Credit Hours
This course includes the history of banking in the U.S.; the different kinds of banking organizations and systems in the United States with special emphasis on the Federal Reserve System; and attention to different standards and credit instruments. (Prerequisites: ECON 211, 222)

ECON 412. STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCE (Cross-listed as PADM 412)    3 Credit Hours
An examination of the institutions and procedures involved in the revenue and expenditure decisions at the state and local level of government. Covers the analysis of alternative financing mechanisms (including taxation, bonds and intergovernmental transfers), benefit/cost analysis of government programs and the political process (Prerequisites: ECON 211, 222)


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