Criminal Justice Undergraduate

The Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice program is designed to provide students with a thorough knowledge of the nature and operation of the Criminal Justice System.

It includes courses in the following core areas as well as specialized electives: criminal justice and juvenile justice processes (law, crime, and administration of justice); criminology (the causes of crime, typologies, offenders, and victims); law enforcement (police organization, discretion, subculture, and legal constraints), law adjudication (criminal law, criminal procedure, prosecution, defense, court procedures and decision-making), as well as corrections (incarceration, community-based corrections, and treatment of offenders).

The program introduces concepts related to legal, legislative, and social processes and how they influence the criminal justice system. The program further addresses current methods in criminal justice processes and analyzes their strengths and weaknesses.

The Criminal Justice Program seeks to educate students in the skills required for a successful professional career. These skills include: critical thinking, the ability to communicate thoughts effectively in oral and written form, research methods, statistical and data analysis, and computer technology. In addition, the program teaches students to use ethical behavior in applying the knowledge acquired to factual situations and problems.


Dr. John Penny
Chair, Department of Social Sciences
Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Lake Campus Multipurpose Complex, Room 408

Delaney, Raymond 
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice 
LCMC 413 

Gil, Darren 
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice 
LCMC 215 

Scott, Franklyn 
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice 
LCMC 434 


Southern University at New Orleans is the only institution of higher learning in the state of Louisiana that offers degrees in Addictive Behaviors Counseling and Prevention. SUNO offers both an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in this program.