Center for Comprehensive Communication

The Center for Comprehensive Communications (CCC) is an academic support component, which has a primary goal to help prepare undergraduates to meet and/or exceed national standards for performance in accounting, mathematics, reading, written communication, critical thinking and technology; thereby, helping students succeed academically and in their future career endeavors.

There is no difference in the quality of services provided to on-ground students and to online students. While on-ground students are assisted via physically proximate tutoring, the same services are provided to distance learning students via telephone conversations and e-mail communications. All sessions are available during office hours, depending on the availability of the specialist. No prior appointments are necessary.

In addition, the internet has numerous Web sites that are very useful. The specialists routinely use these Web sites to help enhance student skills. The specialists work with on-ground as well as e-learning students on these websites.


Lake Campus Multipurpose Complex, Building E, Room 502

Do, Manh 
Math Specialist, Comprehensive Communications 
LCMC 502 

Vaz, Mario 
Writing Specialist, Center for Comprehensive Communications 


SUNO will launch a Doctor of Social Work program in Fall 2016. Information will be available in December and applications will be available in January 2016.