Business & Public Administration Undergraduate Learning Goals & Objectives


Student will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethics and its application in the decision-making process. 

  • Objective: Students are able to differentiate between what is ethical and what is unethical.


Student is able to apply effective communication skills in a professional environment.

  • Oral Communication Objective: Student is able to prepare and deliver an effective business presentation.
  • Written Communication Objective: Student is able to produce well-written documents.


Student is able to analyze and solve problems in an organizational setting.

  • Objective: Student will apply discipline-based principles in addressing organizational problems.


Student is able to understand the importance of technology in organizations.

  • Technology Understanding Objective: Students will understand available technology
  • Technology Application Objective: Students will use available technological tools in various tasks.
For the MS in Computer Information Systems Learning Goals & Objectives, see Computer Information Systems Graduate Program.


SUNO will launch a Doctor of Social Work program in Fall 2016. Information will be available in December and applications will be available in January 2016.