Business Administration

Frank Martin, Ph.D.
Chair and Dolores Margaret Richard Spikes Endowed Professor of Business Entrepreneurship
CBA Building, Room 213

Professors: Amaresh Das, Ph.D.; Simeon Okpechi, Ph.D.; Igwe E. Udeh, Ph.D.; Victor Ukpolo, Ph.D.
Associate Professors: Adrine Harrell-Carter, DBA
Assistant Professors: Faisal Al-Khateeb, Ph.D.; Charles Briggs, Ph.D.; Yun Doo Lee, Ph.D.; and Krishna Poudel, Ph.D.

The Business Administration Department offers a program of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. 

The Department's vision is to create unique, dynamic, and vibrant programs that will significantly contribute to the economic and social development of the New Orleans area by providing ethically sensitive, cutting-edge training for management professionals and entrepreneurs to take advantage of business opportunities in areas where New Orleans has a comparative advantage. We envision integrating the activities of the program with the operations of the College of Business & Public Administration's Small Business Development and Management Institute (SBDMI) in such a way as to have a powerful impact on clients of the SBDMI and, therefore, business development in the New Orleans area.

Departmental Goals 

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration addresses the issues of business formation and economic growth in the New Orleans area by providing students with the skills required for a career in any of the  functional areas of a business or for successfully starting and operating a business. 

By combining a broad liberal arts training with discipline-specific coursework, the Business Administration program gives the student the skills necessary for working as managers in small and large businesses and successfully starting and operating a business, including critical thinking, effective speaking and writing, preparation of budgets and financial statements, preparation of business plans, obtaining financing for business ventures, managerial expertise, research and analytical capabilities. The program contributes to the economic development and growth of the State and New Orleans area by accomplishing the following goals:
  1. Graduating students who are literate in the use of computers, mathematics and language.

  2. Graduating students who are ethically sensitive and aware.

  3. Preparing students to operate as managers and corporate entrepreneurs.

  4. Preparing students to organize, manage and operate their own businesses by providing them with management and organizational skills, training in business plan preparation and knowledge of how to obtain financing for new businesses.

  5. Exposing students to problems and challenges encountered in operating an actual business. This goal will be achieved through internships and hands-on projects.

  6. Contributing to the development of those sectors of the local economy where New Orleans has a comparative advantage.


Students choosing Business Administration as a major must choose a concentration from one of the following three areas:
  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
For minor requirements, see the University Catalog.


In September 2009, Angela Sutton ('99) became the youngest Superintendent of the Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility for Women in Madison, Indiana when she was appointed at the age of 33.