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  • Students matriculating in the Master of Arts in Museum Studies Program will undertake a rigorous course of learning in Museology, the branch of knowledge dedicated to the study of the theories, procedures, and managerial concepts of museums: institutions for the acquisition, preservation, study and exhibition of works of artistic, historical, or scientific value.

    Practical application of course work is achieved through internships with local, regional and national museums, which serve as extended classrooms. Students will examine options for employment, which will prepare graduates of the program to pursue careers in a variety of local, regional and national museums, campus museums, private galleries and historical associations.
  • What is the Museum Studies Program about?
    The Museum Studies Program at SUNO examines how museums produce and interpret culture and the role that museums play not only in our communities, but worldwide. Students in our program will develop and apply skills that engage the functions, practices and critical analyses of museums. Our courses address topics across the interdisciplinary perimeters of museum studies, including audience engagement, collections management, museum education, etc. Our program is designed to educate students in the meaning and significance of museums in contemporary society and preparing them for diverse museum careers.

    What can I do with a degree in Museum Studies?
    A degree in Museum Studies can help you find a job as a museum registrar, curator, museum director, archivist, museum technician, museum educator, exhibit coordinator, visitor service specialist, museum librarian, cultural heritage information specialist, etc. A specialization in Museum Studies is highly customizable and can be designed to suit the dynamic and changing needs of today’s museum profession.

    Are there any GRE score requirements?
    No, the GRE is not an admission requirement.

    How and when can I apply for program?
    You can apply to the program at any time by submitting your complete application to the Graduate Studies Department.

    Can transfer students apply?
    Yes, please speak with an adviser to see what courses can be transferred.

    Do you offer online courses or distance learning?
    Yes. As an accommodation to our out-of-state students or those who cannot make it to our on-ground classes, online classes are available.

    Are there Cross Enrollment opportunities?
    Yes, the Museum Studies Program has a cross enrollment with the Arts and Administration Program at the University of New Orleans. Students who are enrolled in our program can take a course from another college or university to complete degree requirements. Southern University at New Orleans allows students to do so as long as they meet the program requirements. Students can obtain a cross enrollment form from the Office of the Registrar

    Do you offer a certificate in Museum Studies?
    No. Our program is specifically geared towards a Masters of Art degree, which can be completed in four semesters if attending full-time.

    Do you accept Letters of Recommendation by email?
    No. All Letters of Recommendations must be hard copies, on institutional stationery, and signed and sealed by your recommender. It is your responsibility to follow-up with your recommenders to determine whether or not your letters have been placed in the mail. You also may submit your Letters of Recommendation with a hard copy of your application, but they still must be sealed.

    Do you offer deferred admission?
    Yes. You must submit your deferment request to program director before the start of the semester. You must apply for the year you are wishing to attend.

    How long does it take to complete the Museum Studies Program?
    For a student attending full-time, four semesters.

    Are all courses offered each semester?
    Not all courses are offered each semester, some only once a year.

    What does the museum internship involve?
    It involves working a 100 hours in a museum environment and submiting a report to your instructor.

    Are there any grant or scholarship opportunities offered by the program?
    No. But financial aid is available to those who qualify.

    Does the program offer teaching assistantships?
    No. The university does offer work-study awards and loan opportunities, for which you can apply when you submit a financial aid application (FASFA).

    Can international students apply for financial aid and scholarships?
    No. International students must secure their own finances before starting their study at SUNO.

    Will students get hands-on opportunities?
    Yes. The Museum Studies Program offers classes at various museums in the city.

  • Haitham Eid
    Interim Director/Assistant Professor
    Lake Campus Multipurpose Complex, Room 307

    Dr. Eid specializes in museum digital innovation models. His research investigates the conceptualization of innovation and enterprise in the museum context, an area that continues to be under-theorized. Drawing upon theories from business studies, economics and technology literature, his research seeks to contribute towards building a museum perspective of innovation and possible ways to appropriately embed it in museum practice. Dr. Eid is the founder of the Museum Innovation Model (MIM), a framework that helps museums innovate through the use of open innovation strategies, social enterprise business model, and the concept of social innovation.
    Dr. Eid has served on a various conference and workshop program committees. He has served on the 2016 and 2017 MCN Conference Planning Committees. He is the Co-Chair of the Cultural Heritage and Social Change Summit and Co-Founder of the Cultural Heritage and Social Change New Orleans Group. Dr. Eid also directs New Orleans Art Institute for Social Innovation. The institute is supported by a grant from Joan Mitchell Foundation.

    Recent Publications
    Eid, H. (2017). The Intersection Between Social Innovation, Museums and Digital. In G. Farnell, The Museum Blog Book. London: MuseumsEtc.
    Eid, H. (2016). The Museum Innovation Model: A museum perspective on innovation. MW2016 (pp. 261-276). Los Angeles: Museums and the Web. Published online on January 14, 2016

    Younan, S., & Eid, H. (2016, June). How Digital Artist Engagement Can Function as an Open Innovation Model to Facilitate Audience Encounters with Museum Collections. The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Volume 9(Issue 2), pp.27-39.

    Dr. Sara Hollis
    Doctor of Arts, Professor
    Lake Campus Multipurpose Complex, Room 310

    Dr. Hollis specializes in Contemporary and Traditional African Art and Culture and African American Art and Humanities. She received her Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts from California State University at Long Beach; her Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and African Studies at Indiana University; and her Doctor of Arts in Humanities and African American Studies from Atlanta University (now Clark Atlanta).


    The Master of Arts in Museum Studies Program trains students to become innovative and knowledgeable leaders in museums and cultural institutions.


    Raising the consciousness of the importance and necessity of culture and tolerance in our lives;
    Intellectual honesty, integrity, and ethical conduct;
    Professionalism in museum work;
    Critical thinking and theoretical discourse;
    Program quality and excellence;
    Innovation and leadership;
    A balance of theory and practice;
    Students with diverse backgrounds; and,
    In-depth, hands-on, Practicum experiences.
  • Graduation Requirements
    Maintain a 3.0 in the program, completion of 36 credit hours including all mandatory classes, and the submission of a Master’s Thesis or Project.

    Admission Requirements
    Completed Graduate School Application
    Official Transcript(s)
    Three Letters of Recommendation that address academic achievements and potential as a graduate student. Letters should be from former professors.
    A one-page typed statement of purpose/interest that explains the applicant’s reasons for pursuing a master’s degree in museum studies. Applicants should demonstrate a desire to establish a career in the professional museum field.

    International Students
    International students with diverse academic backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the Master of Arts in Museum Studies Program. Please read the following instructions and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

    Language requirements
    If you have completed your undergraduate degree in an institution where English is the language of instruction, you can apply directly to the program. If this is not the case, you are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language by taking one of the following exams:

    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination
    International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination

    Evaluation of Foreign Transcripts
    International students are required to have their transcripts evaluated by contacting:

    World Education Services, Inc.
    PO Box 5087
    Bowling Green Station
    New York, NY 10274
    Phone: 212-966-6311
    FAX: 212-966-6395

    How to Apply
    Send your complete application and supporting documents to: School of Graduate Studies, 6400 Press Drive, New Orleans, LA 70126.


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