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Dr. Brenda Jackson, Director


The Center for Professional Development and Enhancement's primary purpose is to assist faculty and professional staff members of Southern University at New Orleans in developing and enhancing their professional and technical knowledge competencies and skills in their disciplines and areas of employment, thereby assuring their effectiveness in the performance of their duties and responsibilities of the institution. 


To assist in achieving this goal, faculty and staff members are provided on campus opportunities to strengthen their knowledge base and to keep abreast and informed in matters of concern; to be kept abreast of technologies and issues affecting SUNO in particular and the higher education community in general; to be reimbursed for tuition and/or books when pursuing the terminal degree while working full-time; to attend professional meetings, workshops, conferences, present papers and to participate in other scholarly activities; to be exposed to experts external to the University; to pursue faculty research and write grants; to participate in continuos quality management training activities; to have immediate access to state of the art equipment, computer software used in their field, specialized academic resources and curriculum supplies to improve the delivery of effective instructions.