We take Emergency Preparedness seriously at Southern University at New Orleans. In order to stay informed in the event of an emergency, the University suggests the follow course of action:

  1. Sign in to the SUNO Text Alert System using your SUNO email address and your Banner ID Number (ex. N00099999) to update your contact information in order to receive emergency messages.
  2. Become a friend of SUNO on Facebook at sunoknights56 or follow SUNO on Twitter at sunoknights. Those sites will be updated throughout the weekend.
  3. Review personal emergency preparedness plans. Great preparation suggestions can be found on the web site of the Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness.
  4. Monitor television, radio, and internet outlets for SUNO updates.


If any additional information is needed, please check the the University’s information hotline at (866) 749-1935.


Emergency Preparedness Links and Documents

Southern University at New Orleans takes emergency preparedness seriously and plans to do everything that we can to address the safety concerns of our students, faculty, staff and infrastructure. Due to the number of emergencies that can arise on a university’s campus, we have taken steps to protect our SUNO family. We have the capability to send e-mail and text alert messages. Our Emergency Plan is available via the website at http://www.suno.edu/Emergency_Plan/.

In the event of an evacuation, information and contact with SUNO can be made via: http://www.sunoonline.com  or 1-866-749-1935. Academic instruction updates will also be available via Blackboard.

To subscribe to SUNO’s Emergency Alerting Service you must register. You must have a valid e-mail address and provide a cellular phone number to receive the alerts. You can register at: http://getrave.com/login/SUNO . SUNO will deliver updates and emergency instructions through the alerting system, e-mail, website, and news media. Please contact Mr. Omar Aldahir, Website Administrator at 504-286-5302 or Mr. Trenton Vincent, Director of Safety and Transportation at 504-286-5293 with any questions about the SUNO Emergency Alert System.

The City of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish also provide alert messaging. These services also require that you provide a cellular phone number and a valid e-mail address. You can register for the alerts at the following websites:

Orleans Parish: http://www.nolaready.info
Jefferson Parrish: http://jeffersonparishla.mystateusa.com.

Again, while SUNO works to continuously to ensure your safety, the first line of defense is for you to take an active role in your personal safety. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Joel George at 504-286-5293 or via e-mail at jgeorge@suno.edu.