Additional questions about the Image Standards should be directed to SUNO Public Relations at (504) 286-5343.


What is the purpose of having image standards?
Image standards are designed to enable any organization to project a strong, effective identity.  Those standards also help to prevent confusion among consumers.  


Using Southern University at New Orleans’ official symbols correctly and consistently is an important part of the branding process, enhancing SUNO’s image as a quality educational institution.  When the images are used effectively they can also increase institutional pride and promote unity among its constituents.


What is the purpose of changing SUNO’s logos?

Southern University at New Orleans is facing exciting days ahead!  A logo can serve as an expression of an organization’s mission, vision or direction.  It can also serve as a reflection of the organization’s attitude


In the absence of a marketing director, SUNO PR took the initiative to create images that would express the University’s commitment to continued academic excellence and high standard of community service and social advancement.  The image change also provides more a contemporary look to our ever-changing environment.


Can I use the seal?
You may with permission from Public Relations. Any seal is technically meant to be used on official organizational documents, such as diplomas, transcripts, official records, programs and invitations for formal academic events and legal-binding documents.  We are permitted to use the seal on documents such as promotional pieces and invitations for events that represent SUNO in an official capacity, as a whole.


Permission to use the seal must be granted by the Office of the Chancellor or SUNO Public Relations. Once permission has been granted, proper reproduction files or materials will be made available. Please refrain from scanning the seal from old documents. It often results in poor quality reproduction.


I like the seal "with the leaves."  Why can’t I use that one?

The seal with the laurel wreath is the official seal of the chancellor of Southern University at New Orleans.  It is a symbol of distinction that serves notice that the appropriate document is being presented by the chancellor.  There is only one chancellor of SUNO and that person should be given the appropriate respect.


I don’t like the new logo!  Can I create something special for my department?  And why can’t I use a different seal?
The logo and seal serve as symbols of SUNO’s official brand.  It helps prospective students and current stakeholders immediately identify the University.  Immediate identification and consistency are of the utmost importance when selling any product or service. 


Think of it this way.  If the world’s most popular beverage company (you know, those Cola people) were to have employees arbitrarily change the classic white script and the red color scheme, you probably would not recognize the product.  It could hurt their sales!  The same goes for folks who feel the need to use their own University images.  Consistency is a tremendous help in enhancing our image thus improving enrollment and enhancing our relationship with our students, faculty and staff.


I’m in a hurry. Why can’t I just redo the logo?

Redoing the logo may not reproduce the logo accurately. The logo was designed with specific spatial relationships and alignment of characters. Simply reproducing it will produce differences that may be minor, but will detract from branding capability.


Do I use the seal or logo on letterhead?  Can I design my own letterhead?
Because letterhead is an official document of the University the use of the seal is encouraged.  Unfortunately in SUNO’s case the seal has been altered over the course of several years.  Please make sure that you utilize the seal on SUNO Public Relations’ “The SUNO Images” page.  Although every unit, college and department has designed their own letterhead, SUNO Public Relations encourages all University representatives to consult with the department in order to create a consistent look.


Why can't I use a clipart knight on designs and publications? A knight is a knight, isn't it?

SUNO PR asks that ALL departments, units, offices and colleges refrain from using Clip Art knights on documents and other print projects until an official spirit symbol has been adopted. There is NOTHING that identifies a clip art knight as our official symbol. A unique symbol helps identify SUNO as a unique institution.


Does this mean that I have to consult with SUNO PR before I put University logos or seals on anything?

YES.  In the absence of a University marketing director, SUNO PR has taken the initiative to create consistency among University images.  By consulting with the department, you are helping Southern University at New Orleans maintain a consistent professional image for the public to see.